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Outsider Pop Nights

Outsider Pop is currently on a break but will be retuning very soon

Outsider Pop is a night run by Paul and the band. Up until Christmas, we were running the nights on the third Friday of every month at the Gunners, N5 1EN, which has an ace soundsystem.  The night is on a temporary hiatus as we are trying to re-think it and make it work even better but you can find out about the aims of the night below.

Our goals are as follows:

  1. We want every band we put on to be someone who we think could be someone's new favourite band.
  2. We want everyone who comes to have as much fun as possible.
  3. We want the night to be accessible and open to everyone.  We use venues with accessible entrances and accessible toilets.  We also use captioned lyrics for every one of our shows and invite every other band to have their lyrics captioned too.   You can find out more about the access info for the night here.

Every month we have a collaborative Spotify Playlist where we invite anyone who wants to do so to add songs along one three themes.  You can find out the dates, line-ups and playlists for upcoming Outsider Pops by checking our Live Dates page or our Facebook page.

Want to play at Outsider Pop?

We'd love to hear from acts who think they are right for the night.  If so, please email us at  We try to only book acts we get really excited by.   Take at the bands below to see what we've put on before and that might give you an idea as to whether you're a good fit for the night.  

  1. Do you think the term "Outsider Pop" applies to the music you make?  
  2. Is it more important to you that the audience are impressed by you or that the audience are entertained by you?  As a rule, we tend to go for bands who'd answer the latter. 
  3. It's really important to us that we have captioned lyrics (i.e. lyrics appearing on a TV screen) for as many of the acts we put on as possible.  If I send you a template, are you happy to put the lyrics together and send to me a few days before the gig?  Again, we're probably more likely to put you on if the answer is yes rather than no. 

Want to get involved with the night in some other capacity?

If so, we'd love to hear from you.  Paul has ambitious plans for the night would absolutely love someone to get involved with co-promoting the night with him, especially someone who wants to get involved in the bookings, planning and the marketing side of the nights.  If that appeals to you, or you want to get involved in some other way, get in touch at


Who has joined us at Outsider Pop so far?

Feb 2016

Fightmilk -

The Untitled David Bowie Covers Band

Dexy -

March 2016

The Ritornellos -

Fax Telex 

Marlon Brando Island -

April 2016

Papernut Cambridge -

Luxury Flats -

Lumieres -

May 2016

Special Love -

Eugene Ripper -

David Cronenberg's Wife -


June 2016

Sergeant Buzfuz -

Marlon Brando Island -

Dexy -

July 2016

Fightmilk -

Keith TOTP & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band -

Storm the Palace -

August 2016

The Mooncubs -

Ten Yen -

James McFadden -

September 2016

AAG (All-American Girl) -

Picturebox -

Deerful -

The Reduced Emissions -

October 2016

Cronenberg's Crooked Awkward Mistress -

Tojamura 7 -

Men Diamler -

November 2016

Rapid Results College -

Extradition Order -

Gwen & The Good Thing -

December 2016

Fightmilk -

Keith TOTP & The Minor Indie UK Celebrity All-Star Backing Band -

Marlon Brando Island -

January 2017

Scandinavia -

Picturebox -

Robyn Steward & The Hatonauts -

February 2017

Pit Ponies -

The Silver Tears -

Shaun Grimsley -

March 2017

David Cronenberg's Wife -

The Perfect English Weather -


April 2017

Live From Hamburg! The Fabulous Beatless

Robyn Steward & The Hatonauts -

Jack Reynolds -

June 2017

The Indelicates -

Papernut Cambridge -

July 2017

The Cursors -

Tundra -

Jennifer Denitto - http://

September 2017

Trees and the Slipway -

Dexy -

Desert Falls -

October 2017

Executive Toys

Picturebox -

Zipless Ellipsis -

November 2017

David Cronenberg's Wife

Johnny Pissoff and the Wet Dreams

December 2017

Kate Arnold -


The Cold Spell -