The Awkward Silences

Music for Inclusive Outsiders

Access & Inclusion

The Awkward Silences welcome all audiences to our gigs and we want to give Deaf and disabled people all the information they need in advance so you can prepare for the gig and ask for any support you need to attend. If you have any questions about the access any of our gigs, please contact Paul on

If you would like this information on a word document, please click this link.


The Awkward Silences always seek to put Outsider Pop nights on at level access venues. We currently use the Gunners in Finsbury Park, which has a ramped entrance to the door on Elwood St. Once inside, there is level access to the performance space, the bar and the accessible toilet.

We have a preference for playing level access venues at other gigs where possible. Regrettably we're not currently in a position to insist on only playing level access venues. However we will find out the access of any other venue we play and ensure we display clear information beforehand. If you are thinking of coming to any of our gigs that we are not directly promoting and have any questions about the access, email Paul as early as possible and he'll work with the promoter to try to find a solution to meet your needs. 

Personal assistant Tickets

The Awkward Silence believe in the importance of PA tickets being made available to anyone who needs assistance to attend a gig. Outsider Pop is a free to everyone but we are committed to making PA tickets available for any gigs we put on with door charges. Information on how to request PA tickets will be put online at the same time as tickets go on sale.

We cannot always control whether PA tickets are available at other gigs we play. However, if you do need a PA ticket to a gig the Awkward Silences are playing but not promoting, contact Paul and he will ensure the promoter understands the importance of PA tickets and will work to ensure a solution is found.


The Gunners has an accessible toilet. Where the Awkward Silences are playing a gig that does not have an accessible toilet, then let us know you are in advance and we will seek to find out where the closest accessible toilet to the venue is and then speak to the people at that location to request that you are allowed to access it on the night. 

Accessible viewing areas

There are no permanent viewing areas at Outsider Pop shows. However, if you do use a wheelchair or need to sit during performances and want to ensure you have a good view, contact Paul and he'll ensure an arrangement is made on the night to facilitate this.

As the performance area of the Gunners is a pub, there are plenty of chairs and tables. Again, contact Paul if you need him to keep a table free for an access requirement. Please be aware people may stand in front of tables and chairs so let Paul know if you'd like him to ensure you are seated somewhere with a good view of the stage. 

Access to performance

All Outsider Pop nights feature captioned lyrics of the Awkward Silences sets on a television on the front left of the stage (front right as you face the stage from the audience). The Awkward Silences also invite other acts to submit their lyrics to be displayed on the night. The captioning system is ultra-DIY and does not currently feature a way to caption conversations between songs.

The Awkward Silences aim to have captioning at all their other gigs. As they fund the taxis to carry the TV themselves, and tend not to run gigs at a profit, there may be some gigs away from Outsider Pop where it is not financially possible to bring the TV. We will try to find alternative solutions or will let you know if the TV is not available for a particular gig.

It is not currently possible for the Awkward Silences to fund BSL interpreters or Audio Describers for gigs. We'd utterly love to do this in the future.

Assistance dogs

You have a legal right to bring a registered assistance dog to any gig if you wish to do so. The Gunners is a dog-friendly pub. The Awkward Silences will always facilitate you bringing an assistance dog to any gig you are attending. If you are bringing an assistance dog to a gig promoted by an external promoter, the Awkward Silences are very happy to explain to the venue that allowing assistance dogs is a legal requirement. 

Strobing and other lighting effects

We try to avoid strobe and other lighting effects at our gigs where possible.  Sometimes we play gigs in venues we're not in control of the lighting so, if you are sensitive to any particular form of lighting effect, please let us know in advance and we can make sure the venue are aware of it.



The Awkward Silences want everyone to enjoy our gigs. If someone acts in a way that violates your personal space or you feel bullied, harassed or threatened, we encourage you to report it to the venue or the promoter. If you would like any support from the band in doing this, please talk to us. You can find out about the Keep Gigs Safe for Women campaign, which works to prevent assault and sexual violence at live performances here: