The Awkward Silences

Music for Inclusive Outsiders




What we respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.” Saul Steinberg

The Awkward Silences aim to be a band like no other band, writing songs that no other band would write.  We want to always be interesting and entertaining and we want our gigs to be accessible, inclusive spaces where anyone can come along, feel comfortable and have a good time. 

We also want to support people to develop the confidence to play in bands and help existing bands to feel part of a supportive community. We want to build friendships and support networks with a diverse range of bands, performers and artists with exciting ideas.


  1. We believe all artists and musicians have ideas and stories that are unique to them and can create music that nobody else can. We believe as a band we should push ourselves as far as possible and work to find a niche where we are doing something nobody else is doing.

  2. We believe live music is for everyone. We believe everyone should have the ability to access gigs and festivals and that anyone should have the opportunity to play music at a grassroots level. We believe artists, promoters, venues, festivals and all others involved in music have a collective responsibility to ensure that happens.

  3. We believe the most important people at any gig are the audience and every effort should be made to ensure they have the best time possible.